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400 Educators Receive Pink Slips Today
posted by: Colin | June 11, 2012, 05:25 PM   

"It is with deep regret that I must inform you ... that you will be reduced in force."

No teacher ever wants to read those words; however, over 400 Clark County teachers and other licensed personnel had to do exactly that today when they received pink slips from the school district. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Is this really what is best for students?

Today's layoffs are attributed to a recent arbitration ruling that prevented the school district from making up a $64 million budget shortfall by freezing teacher pay. The Clark County Education Association (CCSA) had celebrated that arbitration decision as "a win" for teachers and students. The district had been warning that if pay freezes are rejected, up to 1,000 positions may be cut to make up the shortfall, increasing class sizes and making a hard situation even worse for many teachers and students. In addition to 400 educators let go today, 600 currently vacant positions will not be filled next year, making it harder for out-of-work teachers to find a position.

Other school districts facing grim budget figures opted to freeze teacher pay rather than cut jobs and increase class sizes, but the union forced arbitration and won scheduled pay increases. District officials estimate the reductions will increase class sizes by three students. Moreover, the vast majority of the layoffs were seniority-based, despite legislation in Nevada ending the "Last in, First out" policy (known as LIFO). The union opposed that reform.

In protest of the layoffs, the CCEA held a rally this morning, but pink slips still went out anyway. Aside from failing to prevent the layoffs, union bosses have been under criticism following a news story about bloated union salaries, highlighting nine union employees who together received $1.5 million in pay in 2009. Those holding pink slips today may feel particularly incensed reading that former union director John Jasonek took home $632,546.00 in 2009 (the last year IRS reports were available). Compared to what other large district unions allocate for leader compensation, the CCEA spent ten times as much of their budget on salaries.

One teacher who may have received a pink slip this morning is Judith Alfaro, featured in a recent Las Vegas Sun article. Alfaro, a first-year teacher, was recognized as being an outstanding New Teacher of the Year and could be one of the teachers cut if negotiations lead to layoffs. Another award-winning teacher, Edward Savarese, Jr., has already packed his boxes in anticipation of a pink slip. Do Savarese and Alfaro deserve to be sent packing before others? How does this help Clark County's students?

Following the May arbitration decision that led to these layoffs, Superintendent Dwight Jones said, "While this is certainly not the outcome we wanted, there are no winners here. While some teachers will receive raises, other teachers will receive pink slips. That's not what's best for our students."

Do you think layoffs are the best solution for the students of Clark County?

The Clark County School District and the Clark County Education Association are currently in negotiation and hopefully can find a solution that puts the students of Clark County first.

Know your rights. If you are increasingly dissatisfied as a member of the union, please be aware that there is a very small window for you to exercise your right to quit the union. You need to send a very specific letter between July 1st and July 15th. You can find out more here. If you are satisfied with your union membership, you do not need to take any action to remain a union member. Those who opt out of the union are encouraged to join a non-union teacher association to secure liability insurance. AAE professional membership is only $15/month. Join today.

Last month the school board approved a budget with 1,015 fewer positions and
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