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Myths and Facts
The Professional Association of Clark County Educators is a local chapter of the Association of American Educators. AAE often hears myths about who we are and what we provide. This document was created to tell you the facts and to dispel those myths.

Myth: Teachers don’t need liability insurance because the school district must insure its employees.

FACT: The scary answer is false. The CCSD does carry insurance on its employees as required by Nevada law but only for civil actions. If, for instance, a teacher is accused of improperly touching a student, which would be considered a criminal offense, the school district’s insurance would not likely cover that teacher.


Myth: AAE provides only liability insurance and no legal assistance.

FACT: AAE provides both legal assistance and liability insurance. AAE members have free access to AAE's attorney referral network or they may prefer to seek out legal representation of their own choosing instead of having to accept a predetermined legal advisor. AAE's network of attorneys bills our insurance provider—not you, the individual teacher—for services covered under AAE's plan. In instances when you choose to use your own attorney, he or she will be reimbursed for services rendered up to the limits specified in the policy.


Myth: AAE members must find their own attorney and AAE doesn’t have on- staff attorneys.

FACT: AAE has attorneys on staff that can assist you with your issues or can refer you to a local attorney in Clark County; however, you are welcome to hire your own attorney. It’s your choice! AAE’s insurance policy covers you and protects your interests, not the interests of AAE. In fact, AAE guarantees you job protection and legal services that the union cannot because there is no committee to determine if you get assistance. It’s guaranteed – even if you are a new teacher.


Myth: AAE cannot assist a non-vested teacher.

FACT: If that teacher is a member of AAE, we can indeed help. With our guaranteed access to legal assistance at the onset of workplace issues, AAE’s insurance helps ensure that each teacher is treated fairly and that no individual rights are violated. AAE also works to preserve a professional relationship between members and administrators.


Myth: AAE has “no in-house staff to help with legal problems or other employment issues.”

FACT: AAE is certainly no bloated bureaucracy but we have plenty of staff to assist with legal and employment issues. We have cases that open every day because we have members in all 50 states who need our guaranteed services.


Myth: “AAE advertises that they offer $2 million in liability insurance coverage.  What they don’t tell you is that this is an aggregate amount, not the $1 million per member per occurrence of NEA coverage.”

FACT: AAE’s insurance has no aggregate amount. There was a recent case in Tennessee where a teacher was sued for well over $1 million dollars. If she was a member of a union, she’d be broke. The $2 million in liability insurance coverage from AAE is guaranteed, while NEA’s $1 million is not. Without a guarantee, it means that the union doesn’t have to take your case. AAE coverage begins immediately, the way one would expect from a personal insurance plan.


Myth: AAE is a union-buster.

FACT: AAE is non-union, not anti-union. We simply want to give educators a choice in professional membership, which we understand to be good old fashioned American competition. AAE delivers exactly what we promise and what our members tell us they want—the opportunity to be associated with other professionals in the field, a chance to have their opinions heard, and the peace of mind that affordable group insurance provides.


Myth: AAE is the defender of No Child Left Behind.

FACT: Our members told us in our April 2007 and September 2007 surveys that they support the tenets of NCLB but the law needs work. We agree and we are working to make changes through the re-authorization process which is underway in Congress.


Myth: AAE is funded by “ultra-right billionaires.”

FACT: The AAE Foundation receives donations from a variety of charitable organizations that want teachers to have choices in professional representation. That’s no secret! Our foundation donors aren’t happy with the status quo in education and believe AAE can help bring a new voice for teachers to the table. Yes, we admit that some of our donors have given to causes that other teacher organizations don’t like, but ask yourself, how many times have other teacher organizations supported causes with which you don’t agree?


Myth: AAE is associated with a variety of pro-voucher organizations.

FACT: AAE has never lobbied for vouchers. From a survey of our members in April 2007, we know that our members are split on the issue so we don’t have a position on vouchers. AAE takes pride in the fact that we only take positions on issues when our surveys indicate a majority of our membership is for or against something. It’s simple: if you aren’t in favor of it, we won’t work for it.


Myth: AAE supports privatizing public schools.

FACT: We say “Prove it.” First, AAE was founded by public school teachers. Not only does AAE support public schools, 96 percent of our members are public school teachers – professionals – just like you who want to be associated with a professional association. AAE was created of, for and by teachers, and we are proud to support them through and through.


Myth: “AAE is out of step with most educators and does not support their interests.”

FACT: AAE is very much in sync with what our members want. As mentioned above, we surveyed our members so that we can take a solid position on No Child Left Behind. We ask our members before taking positions on issues that affect our members most. No other teacher organization can say that. It’s also worth noting that AAE is primarily (99%) made up of certified staff so that our members’ needs are more uniform and we are better able to serve them.


Myth:  “AAE and its partners have lower membership dues, but you’ll have a difficult time getting them to show you where your money goes.”

FACT:  We definitely have lower dues and better services because we don’t give money to political cause or candidates. AAE dues are only $16.50 per month or $198 per year. Let’s dig further and do some math here.  NEA liability insurance costs them $4 per person, yet they charge $700 dues.  AAE insurance costs about $40 per person, yet AAE charges only $198 in dues which are spent largely for legal coverage and overhead costs.  In fact, if you or a colleague joined the union for liability coverage, you aren’t getting the best price or the best coverage.  AAE’s job protection services and liability coverage are guaranteed – even for new teachers!