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The Professional Association of Clark County Educators (PACCE) is Nevada's nonunion professional teachers association, advancing the profession through teacher advocacy and professional development, as well as promoting excellence in education, so that our members receive the respect, recognition and reward they deserve.

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PROSE Program Expanding in NYC

posted by Winworld | June 03, 2015, 12:57 pm

By Conner Dunleavy


Last week, the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio announced plans for 64 new PROSE Program schools in the city. This comes at the same time that de Blasio stated his intentions to fight against raising the cap on the number of charter schools allowed in the state of New York, which in turn would allow more charter schools in New York City.

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Charter Schools Struggle to Expand in New York

posted by Winworld | May 28, 2015, 03:40 pm

By Conner Dunleavy


Partisan politics have once again stopped action from being taken in the best interest of students in the state of New York. As a battle between state senate Republicans (allied with Governor Cuomo), and state assembly Democrats (allied with powerful teachers’ unions) heats up, charter school students and student hopefuls are caught in the political crossfire. While senate Republicans attempt to raise the charter school cap by 100 schools, Assembly Democrats are fighting to keep the cap at current levels.


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School Choice: A Bipartisan Issue at the AFC Conference

posted by Winworld | May 27, 2015, 02:11 pm

By Conner Dunleavy

Last week, AAE representatives had the pleasure of attending the American Federation for Children (AFC) National Policy Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana. AAE was honored to represent a teacher-driven voice among a cadre of diverse speakers and guests from all walks of life and political stripes. Although attendee opinions varied, advocates joined together with an important common goal in mind: education reform.

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