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Five characteristics to evaluate yourself as an effective 21st-century educator
posted by: Colin | September 22, 2011, 03:28 PM   

Take a look at a recent eSchool News article by online editor, Meris Stansberry.  It offers five characteristics of effective 21st century educators. Commentary found along with the list was generated by educators all over the nation through an eSchool News poll.  How do your views and actions compare with the responses?

An effective 21st century educator:

  1. Anticipates the future.
  2. Is a lifelong learner.
  3. Fosters peer relationships.
  4. Can teach and assess all levels of learners.
  5. Is able to discern effective vs. non-effective technology.
More or less, the younger generation of educators is taking hold of such practices, it's more second nature to them. Many seasonsed educators have expressed to me their fear to learn new technology. Some have expressed false fears which have been planted by those who would maintain the status quo. A few have flat-out refused to accept the diverse and drastic changes occurring—this number is shrinking. Yet overall, I can say that the majority of teachers with whom I speak are eager to try new tools and methods for the sake of improving their students' learning. They are yearning for the training. (Most are catching on to the fact that much of their "training" is through self-guided exploration and experimentation at home on the comfy couch with a laptop perched on their knees.)

As you evaluate yourself, I invite you to make specific decisions about how your will begin/improve/continue on your path as a 21st century educator. Please share them below.


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