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Obama Meets Technology Executives
posted by: Colin | February 22, 2011, 07:30 PM   

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Apple's Steve Jobs, and others including the heads of Twitter, Yahoo, NetFlix and Oracle, were in attendance last Thursday for an unprecedented meeting of leaders in technology and business.

Although the meeting was closed to the press, Obama has argued that targeted spending, including education initiatives aimed at producing a more competitive workforce, is critical for job creation and future U.S. competitiveness in a global economy. An endorsement from the Silicon Valley's leading innovators and job creators could help his case.

Not only would a stamp of approval be beneficial to his agenda, drawing new technologies into our education system could revolutionize classrooms all over the country.

While the president has done extensive travelling to rally support for his increases in targeted spending, his spending proposals have been denounced by congressional Republicans. Chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee John Kline has committed to a lot of the education reform initiatives supported by the Obama administration but argues that we must focus on policy that "restores local control, lets teachers teach, empowers parents, and protects taxpayers."

It will be interesting to see what news and policies will come out of this groundbreaking meeting. While politicians argue how to pay our education bills, these technology executives will undoubtedly come up with new ideas to innovate and improve the current system.

Do you think the President was wise to meet with these tech leaders?
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>> Originally posted by Alix on the AAE Blog.

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written by Emma, May 18, 2023

Obama met with a group of technology executives, including the CEOs of Twitter, Netflix, and Oracle, to discuss Managing Operational Risks of Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles ways of utilizing technology to enhance government efficiency and promote entrepreneurship.

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written by Anna, January 14, 2023

In a meeting with technology executives, President Obama offered his vision for the future of technology FoxFarm ocean forest potting soil and how it can help improve people's lives. He also discussed the importance of innovation and new technologies and highlighted how technology can help businesses grow and create jobs.
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President Obama talks with technology executives about the future of "digital tools for people, businesses and governments to meet their most pressing challenges," according to International information.
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written by Emma, August 06, 2022

President Obama announced a budget proposal on Thursday to fund the science, engineering and math education of the next generation of Americans. "This budget builds on President Obama's achievements in expanding access to our nation's technology workforce," said G-E-o-P software CEO Tony Scott in a statement. "We are excited about this budget proposal and look forward to working with President Obama and the American people to make this an even more effective investment in our future."
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